Binary Plus - MLBP

MLBP System details

  • Registered key control Control over who cuts the keys - Your key cannot be copied without authorisation.
  • Patented design Restricted access to key blanks
  • Licensed dealer agreement Only the owner can authorise key duplication
  • Unique thicker key Other keys can’t be made to fit
  • Top pin traps Prevents lock manipulation
  • Side pin traps Prevents use of wrong key
  • Dealer stamped keys Easy identification of your dealer 


The Binary Plus key is thicker than most to restrict hand made copies. Distinctive head design, with dealer and key identification stamped into the head, provides added security against unauthorised duplication.


Why is MLBP so Secure ?

The Master Locksmiths’ Association of Australasia is the owner of the patent for this unique Binary Plus system within Australia, New Zealand and internationally. Only manufacturers who can meet the Association’s standard of excellence are authorised to manufacture Binary Plus. Only locksmiths who have met the Association’s standard of excellence are licensed to deal with Binary Plus products and duplicate your keys. Licensed Binary Plus locksmiths are bound by a legal agreement which only allows you, the registered key owner, to authorise duplication. The Master Locksmith will only duplicate keys to systems for which he or she holds the owner’s signature and records.