Lost Yamaha R1 2011 Red Key



We have had a run of Yamaha R1 bikes with lost Red keys. Some customers still have a spare black key but the Red key has gone missing. With all the rumours floating around on the internet I thought I would just make a note here.

As long as you have one working key for your Yamaha then Inner West Locksmiths can produce another working key. We can produce as many Yamaha Black keys as you require. They will look almost identical to the original Black Yamaha key you already have and work exactly the same, 100% guaranteed. This process is not very expensive and very quick.

If you have lost all your keys including your Yamaha Red key then the process is a little more complicted but we will make the process easy for you and have you back on the road with in a couple of days. If you need advice or just the plain truth then give us a call on 02 9660 1811.