I have lost my Ducati Keys !



Mike sent an email saying that he lost his last Ducati Monster key. The last key that Mike had was his Ducati Red key which the dealer told him to keep safe. After calling several Ducati dealers and asking what he should do and how he can replace the Red key or Black keys all the Ducati dealers told him that they would have to replace the Ducati Dash, ECU ( bikes computer ) and the lock set with 3 new keys.

The cost to replace his Ducati keys this way was approximatly $4,000. No kidding $4,000 just because he lost his keys. The reason for the exorbitant cost on a Ducati is all the parts are linked by an electronic code. This means you can not buy a second hand Ducati Dash or second hand Ducati ECU and swap them, over to another bike.

The Ducati Red key is not just used to start your Ducati, it is used by the dealer to program addtional keys. The Red key is also used to program in a new Ducati ECU or Ducati dash if required. By the time Mike had finished talking to us he was super happy with what we could offer him and the 1 day turn around time. Inner West Locksmiths reprogrammed his Ducati with 1 x new Red Master Key and 2 x Black Slave keys. Everything returned in exactly the same condition. We have been working around and racing bikes for over 20 years so know exactly what you expect.