Carbine 7000 Series

The Carbine Doncaster series of leverset is a high grade commercial leverset which has cylindrical fixing. Distinctive by its solid look and large rose, they have served the commercial market place successfully for many years and have gained a reputation for being a proven performer in that time. As well as being sold in a boxed pack, they are also available in a retail display pack for those looking to display a range of commercial leversets on their shop shelves. Features of the PD range of entrance sets are:


  • Entrance function
  • Outside function: opened by lever when free. Key unlocks and lever retracts the latch
  • Inside function: opened by lever at all times. Push button locks exterior lever
  • Fire rated to Tyco specifications
  • Cylindrical fixing
  • Features square shaped lever handles which house a strong lever return spring
  • 85mm wide rose with two locating fixing holes to prevent the leverset from being spun around
  • Supplied with 70mm backset as standard with a 60mm available as an option. Display pack version is 70mm only.
  • 127mm backset extension is available if required
  • Suitable for doors 35mm
  • 45mm in thickness
  • Spacing rings or plates are available for use on thinner doors
  • Supplied with concealed fixing
  • Rekeyable and offers a 6 pin C4 key
  • Cylinder is a PD style brass cylinder
  • Stainless steel latch bolt with a 12mm projection
  • Available in finishes of satin chrome and polished brass