Motorcycle Transponder Keys

Motorcycle keys are no longer simple mechanical devices. In the past you could just take your ignition down to the local Locksmith and they would have been able to produce a new key costing around $40. Well thanks to theft things have very much changed.


Motorcycle transponder systems are basicly the same as most car systems but due to vibration and weather resistance required are much more complicated.


Why are Motorcycle Transponder keys different ?

  1. Most new cars have programming accessed by the diagnostic port. There are no motorcycles that we know of the can be programmed this way. Why ? You need to ask the manufacturer.
  2. Every motorcycle transponder system we have worked on is linked in someway to the ECU ( bikes computer). This means you can't swap one part for another.
  3. Most manufacturers use some type of Master (RED) key system for programming keys, once this is lost then a new ECU etc are required.


Here are a couple of examples that commonly cause problems for bike owners :

You lose your red master key :

If you lose this key the manufacture such as Yamaha, Kawasaki or Ducati can not program any new keys into your motorcycle. There are no exceptions to this. Motorcycle manufacturers cannot supply an extra standard black working with out this key.

You lose all your keys :

If you lose all your keys then with out exception every motorcycle manufacture will have to replace the ECU, locks, keys and sometimes, depending on the bike the dash board as well. The cost varies greatly between bikes and models but an average cost is around $2,500 - $4,000, just for new keys !

So how can we help you :

We have invested more time and money into this problem than you can possibly imagine. This gives you better and less expensive options when your stuck.

These are just some of the common models we can help with :

Suzuki GSXR600, GSXR1000

Yamaha R1, R6, FZ6, FZ1

Kawasaki ZX6R, ZX10R, Z750, ZX14R

Honda CBR600RR, CBR1000RR

Ducati 749, 999, 848, 1098,1198, Monster

 Piaggio Scooters Vespa etc.

If your just after a spare key then we can supply, cut and program them for most models while you wait including Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki & Ducati. ( Honda take a little longer) We also dont need your red master key to supply extra keys as long as you have a working black key.

Lost all your keys, then we need a bit of time as the process is complicated but we can save you alot of money. we will supply, cut and program two new keys for you motorcycle.

We can also reprogram your Ducati Dash Board if you have lost your red master key. If for example you have a crash damaged dash we can save you money by reprogramming for you.

 All work and programming is carried out in our workshop. We do not send your bike ECU, locks or keys oversea's or to other companies to be done. We know what we are doing and will program your bike quickly in a professional manner.

If you have been told it will take over 2 days to complete your job it is probably sent elsewhere.