Keypad Convertible Vandal Resistant Backlit


The AYC-Qx4 series is a vandal-resistant, standalone, convertible reader controller. The AYC-Q54 series automatically determines whether to function as a reader or as a controller. If the unit is connected to a standard access control unit, then it functions as a reader. If the unit is connected to Rosslare's AC-C15TU or PS-C15T, it functions as a secured controller. The AYC-Q54B dual-application PIN credential reader is compatible with standard access controllers. When used with Rosslare’s intelligent Secure Power Supplies, it converts into a 500-user secure access controller, designed to reduce stock levels. Blue backlit keys assist operation in low or no light conditions. With the internal sounder, AYC-Q54B provides superior accessibility


General Features:

  • Patented blue backlit keypad
  • Optical back tamper sensor and open controller tamper output
  • Lockout feature on wrong entries (keypad / card tamper)
  • Internal buzzer provides audible interface feedback
  • Two status / programming interface LEDs (tri-coloured)
  • Fully potted construction for outdoor use
  • Comes with mounting template for easier installation
  • Comes with installation kit including security screw and security screw tool

Reader Features:

  • Programmable keypad transmission format
  • Led control input
  • Programmable facility code

Controller Features:

  • Bi-directional secure communication with AC-C15TU or PS-C15T secure controller
  • Three user levels – normal, secure and master
  • “Code Search” feature helps make maintaining user codes easier
  • Three modes of operation – normal, bypass and secure
  • Request-to-Exit (REX) signal from AC-C15TU or PS-C15T secure controller
  • Bell and siren features are available with PS-C15T secure controller
  • Programmable lock strike release, siren, and alarm delay timers
  • Programmable auxiliary input with versatile functions
  • Programmable PIN code length