Prastel - EASYBKA

The EASYBKs have a cast aluminium alloy body with a stainless steel outer coating, making them tough stylish and most importantly weather proof. Both have backlit keypads. The EASYBKA has been designed to cope with extremes of temperature and weather. The EASYBKA’s onboard heating engages when the keypad reaches 2 degrees celsius allowing the EASYBKA to operate in temperatures as low as –20 degrees Celsius or as high as 63 degrees celsius. With an IP65 rating the EASYBKA is the ideal unit for outdoor application where standard microprocessor based units literally freeze up. Keypad is also backlit which can be disabled.

The EASYBKA accommodates up to 500 users with access to two separate 5 amp rated DPDT relay contacts, lock out codes, door forced and or request to exit inputs, an optical tamper and an LED indicator.

The EASYBKW Wiegand Stainless steel composite keypad is a versatile tough and stylish unit, capable of outputting Clock and Data, 30 bit Weigand or 26 bit Wiegand. The EASYBKW features site code generation where the unit can be set to output a site code of your choosing (or the default site code 000). The EASYBKW is vandal resistant and IP67 rated, these factors make it the ideal keypad for outdoor applications.




EASYBKA (Standalone).

Users: 500

Voltage input: 12-24 VAC/DC

Current consumption: 20ma standby Max 115ma (Without Heater).

With heating: 520 ma standby to 615 ma max @ 12VCC . 350ma Standby to 465ma @ 24Vcc

Relay Contacts: Strike output 5 amp Auxiliary output 5 Amp

Operating Temperature: Without heating 0 degrees C to 63 degrees C.

With Heating: -20 degrees C to 63 degrees C.

IP rating: IP65

Dimensions: 120mm x 76mm x 21mm

Construction: Stainless Steel.

Weight: 410g